The mission of WorldLabs is to help ideas develop and grow by providing the funding tools and connections needed to thrive. Through this competition ideas can be showcased, collaborators suitable for the idea found and supporters needed gathered to elevate the project to the next level.

The winner of World Labs Elevating Ideas Competition will be awarded 50,000 pounds. WorldLabs will select and invite 10 shortlisted teams to London and all expenses will be covered. There will be a live audience and judges for teams to showcase their ideas in more detail. Travel expenses for one member of a team will be covered by WorldLabs.



  1. All applicants should be over 18 years old.
  2. All applicants should have at least one representative of their team to travel to London on 24TH November 2018.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The submissions should describe clearly the idea, the benefits as well as the technical details of the idea should be emphasized. Images and videos can be used to supplement the projects.
  • Submissions should clearly state what is innovative and unique about the idea.
  • Feasibility and scalability. The idea should be realistic, viable and scalable. The state of the idea should also be explained.
  • Projects will also be charged according to the number of likes, followers and connections they will get during the competition period.

The clarity,innovation,feasibility & scalability and engagement will take 20,30,40 and 10 per cents respectively.

All interested persons can apply here.

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All the best to all applicants!