A video is going viral on social media about a woman complaining of a man who cummed very fast when they were in the game. In her video, the woman describes how she met with them man till when he laid her to bed.

The woman saw the man at first sight as a handsome, energetic and ‘performing’. When he laid her to bed, the man didn’t follow the right procedure, he just quickly pulled out the small mjulubeng and cummed.

About 63% of women in marriage complain about this; no wonder many marriages fall apart. Due to current poor lifestyle, some men have become under-performing lads.

Medical checkups need to be done whenever you suspect signs of poor performance as a man.

Natural cures work better than inorganic ones. Its high time you change your lifestyle such as eating habits. Avoid excessive alcoholic drinks too; they kill manhood.

Here is the video of the woman. Watch it and share to your friends.