Young people join campus every year, seeking to get professional training in different fields with an aim of joining the labor market.  A chance is given to them while still in school, to experience what the field feels like. They have different experiences, some sweet, some bitter, some both. We tell you weird experiences comrades go through during internship.

Serving office boy or office girl

This happens to most person people knowingly or unknowingly. However the major attitude or perception behind it, is that young people are supposed to be helpful and respectful of their seniors, as required by African customs. Josh, who has gone for internship, however points out that sometimes you end up being someone’s personal assistant without pay. “If you don’t realize it and stand your ground, you are doomed.” He adds, remembering he was once told to mop an office.

Being Ignored

A meeting is going on, and you’re lucky to attend, the stakeholders give their opinions, and yet nobody asks the intern. It goes as far as not being introduced during corporate functions, and not being invited to office parties or social days. And some just get ignored at the office, literary, like no hellos or goodbyes.

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Donkey Work

Of course you went to work, but how much should you handle? Some organization employees take advantage of attachés, and assign them duties and tasks they should be doing themselves. If you end up with more paper work than is necessary, this could be happening to you. One student also tells he interned at a place where none of the payroll employees turned up in Fridays, leaving a group I’d three interns to run the activities of the day.

Sexual Harassment

Winnie, a third year student, who went on attachment at the end of her second year, says, she never imagined it could happen to her. A colleague approached and blatantly told her, he could offer money in exchange for sex. Winnie’s case is not the only one; many others go unmentioned, from subtle forms such as touching backsides in elevators to deadly