Did you know that tomatoes; whether boiled or raw can help you cut weight in several days? Now you know. Tomatoes have to be your companion at every meal from today henceforth. Follow these steps and cut weight in just five days. This is my diary for you:

Day 1

-During  breakfast,  take 2 slices of barley bread smeared with little margarine and one teaspoon of honey plus a cup of Coffee of tea, without sugar;

-At lunch time take tomato salad and cheese;

-Take any light meal for supper

Day 2

-Take 200 ml of yogurt, 1 tsp of honey and 2 tbsp. of muesli for breakfast;

-Lunch: Greek salad;

-Take one season fruit as a snack preferably an apple or an orange

-Take a light meal for dinner, preferably brown rice with hake soup

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Day 3

-At breakfast take two slices of brown bread smeared with low fat cheese. Complement it with tomato and onion salad

-Try doughnut or pizza for lunch

-Accompany it with 2 carrots and 30 grams of ham and 1 dl of tomato juice as snacks;

-Take meat and tomato gravy for dinner

Day 4

-At breakfast take two slices of integral bread smeared with low fat cheese or margarine, with 2dl of tomato juice.

-Take tomato soup for lunch

-Take sandwich made with integral bread, olives, ham, and tomatoes as snacks;

-Take tomatoes and rice for your dinner as a light meal

Day 5

-Take 2 dl of tomato juice, 2 slices of white bread, spread with cream cheese and tomatoes for breakfast;

-At lunch time, take 1 slice of bread cut into cubes, add 400 grams of tomatoes.

-Accompany it with buttress juice or a blend of two (buttress juice and tomato juice

-Take white meat for dinner with tomato paste


If you follow this diary for five days, then you will slash down that heavy weight. Whenever you feel hungry take tomato juice as is believed to be very good at burning fat. Share these tricks and help a friends shade weight. Let me get your thoughts in the comment box below.