Western union is not only efficient but also the most common way of remitting money from one country to another. The good thing with the service is that you can transact at any bank in the world that allows remittance of money through the service.

Other services that are similar to Western Union are Money Gram and Ria. Being popular, many people prefer western union to remit money; its a faster and efficient way to send and receive money while in any part of the world.

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However, when using the Western union service, you may need to check the status of your cash; whether it has been collected by the recipient or not. It now easy; in this article i will take you through various steps to help you trace and easy track your funds.

How to trace western union transfer using Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

To use the MTCN number, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Open www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer in any web browser and you will find a page as seen in the screenshot below.
  2. On the Track a Transfer page, select whether you’re the sender or receiver

western union 3. Enter your ten digit MTCN number as shown in the screenshot below and click on  CONTINUE button

western union

That’s it. If your MTCN number was correct and you followed the right procedure, you should see your funds progress as shown in this screenshot:

western union

At this stage if you are the sender of the money, you can cancel the transfer if the receiver has not collected it. You can as well make changes on the receivers details such as address, name etc. This can happen only if you are having a western union online account and logged in.

How to trace western union funds without MCTN

If you forgot your MCTN, there is no worry as long as you have your basic details including the sender’s phone number, receiver’s country, and the send/receive amount, sender and receivers names, receiver’s country, and the sent/received amount. This can be done in two ways which you have to choose; whether you want to  supply the sender’s phone number or sender and receiver names.

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Follow the following procedure if you don’t have MCTN for tracing the funds:

  1. Open www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer in a web browser.
  2. After the page has fully loaded, under the blue CONTINUE button, click on the “Don’t know the MTCN?” link.

You should see this screen:

western union track

3. In the screen you see (similar to the one above), select  whether to supply the sender’s  phone number or sender and receiver names.

4.  Key in the appropriate information in the fields.

5. You can as well key in the transfer date if your sure of it though this is optional.

6. Click on CONTINUE button

If you provided the right information, you should see something similar to the screenshot 2 above.

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