First off, Kenya has beautiful ladies in general, who come in different packages, each with its own definition of beauty. A large chunk of the young ladies are in campuses, and that explains why most Kenyan campuses are a go-to by men. Below is a list I came up with of campuses in Kenya with the most beautiful ladies;

  1. University Of Nairobi

Since it is located in the heart of the city, ladies here have lots of options to pick from, hence explaining why the yellow-yellow ladies here are used to the ‘kept’ lifestyle. They are gorgeous and have good taste in outfits.

  1. Daystar University

Most ladies in Daystar study courses related to media or film industry such as journalism. This explains why most ladies here are petite and have faces that are magazine-cover worthy. They got good taste in make-up products hence they go for good quality which complements their already God-given beauty.

  1. Strathmore University

Most ladies here exude integrity and maturity. They aim for the corporate world hence they are usually composed and wells mannered. You will spot them with respectable outfits even outside school.

  1. United States International University

Ladies in USIU are known for class. They are known of being white ladies’ wannabes hence this explains their blonde lifestyles and personalities. Most of them are light-skinned and are known of turning heads by their Western-influenced accents.

  1. Kenyatta University

This is a home to a large number of campus ladies in Nairobi. Here is where you will find curvy ladies who understand that all shapes are beautiful.









  1. Moi University

This is a hub of most model-like ladies who are petite, tall and dark-skinned. They brag of their God-given skin since they believe all shades are beautiful.

  1. Maseno University

These beauties are blessed with gorgeous curvy bodies that identify the ideal African woman. Their round behinds as well as ‘blessed’ chests leave men salivating wherever they see them.

  8. Rongo University

Rongo University is best known to exude not only model statured, but also ladies with stunning beauty just like any other comparable high class campus. Its strategic locality also gives room for selection of curvy ladies from Kisii and Luoland. If you hadn’t visited Rongo University, make a date.

  1. Kisii University

This university is also known as ‘the home of beauty’. Its best known for its cool environ full of pampering by outgoing stunning models. It accommodates ladies from all walks of the country thus providing a variety of beauties pleasant to the eye.