So who exactly is a slay king? Well, first things first. ‘Slay’ is a slang used to mean to stand out from the crowd. Now, a slay king in campus is a guy who is outstanding in one way or another. So today, let’s get deeper into this whole slayage thing among campus guys and know how to spot one. Below are characteristics of slay kings;

  1. Unique Hair Styles

Most slay kings either have their hair in dreadlocks, blow-dried, relaxed, colored or trimmed in different unique ways. Their hair may be the only thing that makes you to identify them without you looking at their face.

  1. They Have Piercings

Slay kings are known to pierce almost everywhere. You might think they are a display for piercings. They literally just shine from far because they have pierced their nose, tongue, eyelid, septum or navel.

  1. Blings

If you spot a guy looking like a gold chains vender, run for your dear life. In most cases, those gold chains around their necks are usually fake, and they are used to attract unnecessary attention. All they want to do with it is to blind their haters.

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  1. Designer Outfits

Have you ever come across a guy rocking Adidas from head to toe? Then, that is one. When a new outfit sets foot in the local market, slay kings are usually among the first to grip it. Skinny jeans, ripped jeans, saggy outfits and other funny designs in outfits are not uncommon in them. They can literally leave the house with anything on and call it fashion.

  1. Borrowed Accents.

Most slay kings are American wannabes. You will overhear them speaking in an accent that you barely get to hear anything he says. You may wonder if they are Kenyan at all. Mark you, they barely speak Kiswahili. If you talk to them in Kiswahili, expect a reply in English with a rather tasteless sugarcoated accent.

  1. Headphones and Hip hop
Slat king and queen
Image via: allaboutlagos.com

Most slay kings have a heavy collection of headphones that they usually change one after another as they stroll around. They love playing hip hop and you will even overhear them blasting the same music from their headphones and earphones that seem to be too little to contain that loud music being played.

  1. Possess a Large Social Media Following.

For you find a slay king, just go to Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. They have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers who follow their page religiously. Their followers (who most of them are ladies) are quick to comment love messages on their posts whenever they upload.

Image via: allaboutlagos.com