Are you looking for an International high school for your son or daughter? If the answer is a big ‘yes’, then you are  on the right portfolio.

Kenya is one of the fastest developing counties in Africa. This is so because as a country, Kenya is embracing modern technology copied from other well developed counties such as USA, Germany, Japan etc.

This has also seen a recognizable improvement in economy and Education sector. In fact, Kenyan education is thought to be superior in the entire East Africa.

The most desirable and commendable thing about Kenya is that Kenyan schools not only offer quality education but also manufacture all rounded learners to be able to cope up with day to day life issues. You may also checkout the article that I did about leading business schools in Kenya.

KCPE Results were announced a couple of weeks ago. Your son or daughter may have scored good marks and you may be looking for a good school for him/her.

In this article, I present to you the top international schools in Kenya that you may consider taking your child in 2019 for admission.

Note that all these schools are favorite schools which offer equal knowledge. Services such as  meals and accommodation may however vary from one school to another.

For these reasons, school fees may vary from a school to another. This list is therefore random and doesn’t follow any order.

Here are the top Kenyan international schools that you may consider taking your child for admission:

Greensteds International School, Nakuru

Email: office@greenstedsschool.com

White Oaks School, Kisumu

Cell: 0724250958

Email: whiteoakschool2015@gmail.com

Nairobi International School, Nairobi

Cell: 0729 812241

Email: info@nis.ac.ke

Website: nis.ac.ke

The Lukenya Academy British Curriculum, Athi

Telephone: +254 (0)20-2064566, 0202064535

Western International School of Kenya, Kisumu

Cell: +254 707054282

Email: info@wiskenya.com

Website: wiskenya.com

GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi,

Tel: 254 (0) 20 3673841 / +254 (0)703041841

Scholars Senior School Girls High School, Murang’a

Cell: +254 020 2055627, + 254 723 581703

Scholars Senior School Boys High School, Muranga

Tel: +254 020 2055627

The Tree Tops Schools International, Muranga

Tel: +254 020 2055627, +254 723 58 1703

Kivukoni International School, Kilifi

Cell: 0720 546999

eConsulting Group™, Inc. , Nairobi

Tel: +3128040768
Email: justynaz@ecgmn.com

Brookhouse International School, Nairobi

Tel: (+ 254 20) 2430260-3
Email: info@brookhouse.ac.ke

Website: brookhouse.ac.ke

Tigoni International School, Nairobi
Swedish School, Nairobi

Tel: 020-3866544

International School of East Africa, Nairobi

Tel: 020-7120986

Email: isk_admin@isk.ac.ke

Hillcrest Secondary School, Nairobi

Tel: 020-883492

Email: admin@hillcrest.ac.ke

Green Valley International School, Nairobi

Tel: 020-2220170

German School, Nairobi

Tel: 020-7120067

Braeburn Mombasa International School, Mombasa

Tel: 041-5487421/7

 St. Christopher School, Nairobi

Tel: 020-884121/883087