There are many people who find it had to gain trust of online shops and are unable to get goods from online sellers. This article is for helping you start shopping online safely and get products you desire delivered at your location.

Find a genuine market place

There are people who pretend to sell goods online and dupe those who do not know into sending money for the goods to be delivered. As an online shopper you must be able to watch out for such connish people and avoid them. There are various trusted online shops such as Jumia and Kilimall which receive orders from customers then deliver the goods. The customer pays for goods during delivery. Such markets are a good start place for an online shopper.

Only pay once you know the product is available

Payment should be done once you have laid your hands on the product you needed. Do not pay before seeing or even touching the product. You might end up losing your money if you pay for a product that you are not sure if it actually exists or not hence having a high possibility of losing your money.

Search for product on all online market places

Look for the product you need on all online market places so that you can get various types/models and compare prices. This will help you in choosing a product according to your satisfaction and need. Comparing prices on the various online market places will help you buy the product you need at the best price that satisfies you.

Have contacts of seller safe in your custody

Once you settle on a certain seller, it is important for you to get contacts of the seller and safely save them. The contacts are very important for communication between you and the seller concerning delivery of the product you need.

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Ask for after sales services such as delivery and repair

Inquire from the seller if after sales services such as warranty repair and delivery will be given. This is to make sure that in case the product is faulty once you try using it, the seller can take care of the repairing according to the warranty time given. Some warranty covers are 12 months while others are 6 months. As the buyer, the most important thing you should know is the delivery status of what you order. That is, day of delivery and location where that product will be delivered.

The tips above will help you as a seller to shop online. Watch out for other  future online shopping tips  right here on Campus Sasa Magazine