The rains are here again! Many people are susceptible to cold- related diseases such as asthma and flu. So how do we go about this to ensure that we stay healthy even when it is cold? Growing up in a country in the tropical region, you keep at the back of your mind the fact that seasons change throughout the year. These seasons are known to come in certain months and therefore people also know when to expect a cold season. Therefore, below are a few tips on staying healthy during the cold season;

Go for flu vaccine.

Having a flu vaccine before hand will ensure that you stay safe from flu when the cold comes. This way, you won’t catch flu during that season.

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Keep warm.

This is the straightest forward and the most recommended thing to do. Ensure that you stock more than enough heavy blankets, sweaters, cotton gloves and mavins when the cold season is approaching. This will ensure that your system is still able to function normally and not get tempered by the cold.

 Take lots of fluids.

We all know that during cold seasons, we tend to take less glasses of water than we usually do in the warm season. However, it s advised that we should supplement water with drinks such as milk, fruit juice and porridge. These fluids will keep us hydrated therefore ensuring that we don’t catch a cold.

Do regular exercises.

We tend to go into some bit of hibernation during the cold season. In general, we tend to sleep a lot, even when and why we shouldn’t. This aspect is the one that slows down the body’s functionality therefore exposing us to cold. Therefore, to avoid this, one should do exercises such as skipping rope, cycling and jogging.

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Look into your level of hygiene.

During the cold season, it is advised that you ensure that you highly put into consideration basic stuff such as washing your hands frequently, cleaning fruits and vegetables, eating food while it is still hot and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth. These will save you from a lot of trouble.