Smartphones have become one of  the most  essential things in  life. They are so central to our lives. If you’ve not been using your phone  properly, the following tips will make you a better smartphone user.

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Let it be well charged

Android smartphones work best when kept well charged. Always avoid using a phone until it completely runs out of power. Never use your phone in extreme temperatures because that affects the battery and lowers it’s storage capacity.

Always clear the browser cache

As a user,surfing the web is always enjoyable when data is available. However, using the internet for long periods of time can lead to a buildup of data in the phone’s active memory.

The memory in the browser cache clogs up the phone’s   active memory and slows down its ability to surf the web. You should therefore take your time to clear your browser cache by; opening up the browser, click on “MENU,” then click on “OPTIONS,” then click “SETTINGS” and finally click the “CLEAR CACHE”  button.

At this point, confirm that you want to clear cache and the phone will clear the browser cache. As simple as that.This procedure might vary because of the phone model you might be using but it is not hard to do.

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Delete cookies, irrelevant media and Applications

A variety of information in form of software apps, documents, videos, audios and photos are stored by an android smartphone to refer back to or use in future. These files are accessible in the phones “gallery.” Other info stored may come in form of “Cookies”. Deleting all irrelevant information in your phone’s gallery will increase performance of your phone.

The tips above will surely make you a better smartphone user in 2018.Keep it OMGDiary  for more tips! Hit the sharing buttons to help friends, sharing is caring.