Buying a phone is not a difficult task; it is easy to visit a shop, buy a phone and start using it, on the other hand, it is very difficult to choose a phone from a variety especially if all of them are good looking and affordable. Before you make a choice to buy a certain phone put the following into consideration:

Storage space

If you are the kind of person who will need your phone to store a lot of things which may be documents, pictures, audios and videos you should choose a phone with plenty of storage. Choosing a phone with little storage space will only bring frustration after failing to store what you want to be stored.


Phones sold at very cheap prices are in many cases fake. That is why you should consider the price allocated for a certain phone when buying it. A smart phone of less than 3,000 bob is generally fake unless it is a second-hand gadget. New original ordinary button phones go for as little as 1,000 bob and above.

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There are numerous well-known phone manufacturers. Tecno, Nokia, Itel, and Samsung are just few examples of well-known manufacturers in Kenya. Buying from such manufacturers who have established their brands world-wide  gives value for your money and you will be able to own an original device.

Phone accessories

When buying a new phone, the seller must provide all the necessary accessories that the phone may need to operate as expected. The phone seller must provide the suitable charger, earphones, battery and in some cases the external removable memory card. If you encounter a seller who cannot provide such accessories it is advisable to avoid buying such a phone.

After sales services

Some manufacturers provide after-sales services to people who buy their phones. That is why you should put such services under consideration as a buyer for your own benefit. Warranty cover is an example. A warranty normally runs for 6-12 months. In case the phone bought becomes faulty it is repaired free of charge. Isn’t it better to buy a phone with a warranty cover than the one without?

If you put the things above into consideration when buying a new phone, you will definitely never be disappointed.