College is a pool of characters; in fact all types of lads and lasses sojourn in college. The definition of diversity is well described by the many different people a college or university for that matter accommodates. Today, we offer a summary of the plenty kinds of people admitted to higher learning institutions. Here is a summary of the the TOP TEN types of lads you will meet in college:

The Christian

He/she will always wake up to pray (for themselves and for everyone), they will always go to church early every Sunday after reminding everyone in the room that they should and the very ones that will always hold a Godly perspective towards everything. They are the people who have key roles if not respect in church and more often than not have clean, wise and kind hearts. They make for good friends too.

The Dealer 

This is that one person that you can always go to for whatever you want. Be it favors from authority, illegal drugs or both black and white market items, he will always deliver. He checks out on the online portfolios the reviews of the latest gadgets such as  the new drawing tablet and  shares  with the other comrades about the specs, pros and cons. He knows whether these gadgets are  in stores or not. He has a very big and responsive network that he knows how to keep and use. He is never too much on the talking. The dealers are key keen observers and know how to read the seasons so well that they hardly get into trouble.

The Player

 He/she is one handsome/beautiful being that everyone knows about. And this is not what makes them the players. No. It is the fact that they know how handsome and beautiful they are and everyone that complements them is but another reminder of the same. Also because deep down inside them is an urge of selfishness and greed that leads to them taking advantage of they that fall weak under their spell of good looks every now and then.

The Party-holic 

This is that one person that is well informed on what party is going down where, when, for what reason and which of those are happening at the same time is more fun than the other. They are always partying and getting high, day in day out. They know the party world so well that should you intend to host one at whatever budget, if you call them, you can be sure that however small or big the party will be, it is going to be a blast.

The Fashionista 

They know too well the outgoing, current and soon to come trends of dressing that never are they out of fashion. On no day and in no way is their dressing unintentional. They have a not so common touch to dressing and their color coordination is always fresh.

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The party-holic will always hang around them, but they never stay at a party for too long. If you know the five-minutes-one-hour rule to girls, then these are the five-minute girls. The lads who lie here are mostly with their group and more often than less, they are always accompanied by their women or have women they are committed to.

The Rumor Monger

Now, this particular person knows so many correct and wrong things about so much and so many people in the school that whatever they tell you sounds true and often once in a while too true to be true. They will never lack something to say about anything. The administration, the hottest girl on campus, headline relationships in the institution, a certain lecturer, and his students… you name it.

They will always have a say. Do not however completely dismiss whatever they say or take it all in. Listen to them, but be the wise one and filter the truth out of the tales they will tell. They sometimes bear crucial information.

The Politician 

This could either be an aspiring student leader or a strong supporter of a particular student leader or political party or just another one of the many self-proclaimed political analysts. They will never talk about anything else. Not because they cannot. Should you indulge them in a conversation about the weather, they will have some words for you. But amid the conversation and without your knowledge, they will find a way to fit politics in and they will make it the main topic. Politics is the thing above all others that they are so good at talking about.

The Tribal

 This person could come out strong in matters of tribe or not. Say anything about their ethnic group and you will not like their perspective and response to your expressed remarks, whether you had given a disclaimer or not. The silent tribal are those that will never respect the presence of someone from a different ethnic group in their midst. They will debate, make jokes and even laugh in their vernacular languages not caring about the presence of you who does not understand a thing. The tribal in general lack the courtesy of respecting others and their tribes.

The Silent Killer

 This guy is an outright introvert that you will never get a grip on. What you could be thinking they are this week in probably not what you will say they are in the next. They will always keep you guessing on who they are and how to handle them. And hate it or like it, they will always know your way better than you will ever get to know them and it will come out effortlessly for them. Once in a while, they will surprise you with something they will do (or not do) or you could find out something new about them that they gave no clue of having, knowing or being. They are an acute representation of what a non-researchable risk is.

The Advisor

 These ones act the big brother/big sister role in the room. They will always give you advice, whether you ask for it or not. And although it is wrong to advise another without them requesting you too, their over caring hearts will blind them to this particular sentiment. They are the people you can always run to n times of trouble, and they sometimes will get into trouble trying to help you out of yours. Not all of them make the best of friends, but those who do give you a friendship you will live to tell about.

Although not all of them are justified, as they advise based on their individual judgments which are obviously always based on their bias towards a particular stand in be it religion, school of thought or a set of beliefs. But averagely, they always speak sense.

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No one completely lies a hundred percent in any description. Of the types above, one complements another as others supplement each other too. And like Gender and Temperament, Character is a spectrum too. Dependent on which one is the loudest of all that an individual has, we pass judgment. Now you know who to meet. Ask yourself, though, who are you?