With increased unemployment in Kenya, the youth have decided to make betting their daily business as a source of daily livelihood but it really disappoints many since one is not real assured of the outcome.

You have probably seen on screens and even listened over the radio about successful entrepreneurs who are dictating the world’s economy today- the likes of Aliko Dangote. Most of these successful entrepreneurs came from flimsy backgrounds, they started small and invested.

It’s the pleasure of OMGDiary.com to bring to your attention the magic that your Ksh. 1000 can do and jerk you out of poverty. Given below are some of the business ideas that you can consider venturing in with your 1000 bob:

T-shirt value Addition

I bet you have been to Gikomba market and seen some smart T-shirts going at sh.50 each but with some youth attracting drawings. You can easily get 20 t-shirts at sh. 1000 wash them and iron and you can end up selling each at sh.150.

You can target the many colleges and universities in Nairobi or where you reside I am sure there are colleges in every town. With this you can sell up to 20 t-shirts daily getting you a profit of sh.1500 after getting off transport costs.

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Shoe painting

Are you good in doing some attractive art, you can now use your talent to get some good cash by only getting a spray paint which goes at sh.400 on Jumia and some canvas shoes which go at sh.200 each and you can actually do your art and sale the shoes at sh.600 each. You can sale up to 6 pairs of shoes on a good day. You can also target college students for your market.

Make and sale liquid hand washing soap

 You only need sh.200 to source what is needed to make the soap. From the sh.200, you can make 40 liters of the soap and sale it at sh.50 per liter. Target restaurants as your market since the customers need it daily for hand wash and it is a good alternative for dish washing since it is usable in small quantities.

Make beaded earphones

All you need are fused beads which go at sh.100 and some earphones. Insert the beads in a pattern of attractive colors. Many people are starting to love this beautiful art. You can sale up 20 earphones daily with an approximate profit of sh.50 for each earphone. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL ART FROM YOUTUBE TUTORIALS.

Sale of boiled eggs and ‘Kahawa tungu’

All you will need is a small bucket, eggs, some tomatoes and onions for your kachumbari. You can source your eggs from a poultry farmer at sh.8 per egg and sell at sh.20 each. YOU can sale up to 100 eggs daily. Target salons and video shops so that you cannot have to sale them in streets


In each business idea mentioned above, learn to re-invest and plough back your profits so that your business can grow bigger and bigger. Be patient and make upright decisions.