Finding a better half is not an easy task especially nowadays where money and wealth is the SI unit of love. Ladies for instance love in terms of wealth and financial buoyancy.

Studies have it that about 75% of the youths find it difficult to get their perfect soul mates. Those few who were lucky to make up to the extent of marriage are really going through frustrations because they didn’t find their perfect lover birds.

The whole major issue of incompatibility arises due to technology which has turned the world in to a small global village. To be categorical, social media has ruined many relationships and has left guys and ladies with severe un-healing wounds.

Ladies and gentlemen (especially the youths) who have high affinity towards money and material things leave their partners and get hooked to sugar mummies and sugar daddies via social media respectively.

Those who are lucky to get their perfect matches are a handful.  If you are one of the lucky few, you should exude the following characteristics:

  1. You laugh at jokes only the two of you understand

This happens most often because of memories or moments the two of you had when you were alone. It could be funny words that you’ve come up with, or a funny situation that feels like a déjà vu. It could also be something silly you say about each other.

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  1. You are completely comfortable with each other’s bodies.

Nudity stops being an issue, you’ve had many showers together you know where there’s a stretch mark, a bump, a wart, a scar. If there’s a tattoo, you know the pattern with your eyes closed. Tickle spots and love spots also make it into this list, if you these, you’re soul mates.

  1. Totally Comfortable with each other’s habits

Funny eating habits, snoring, slurping at the table, untidiness among other habits become tolerated, and they are not an issue anymore as they used to, but acceptance replaces the hard stances.

  1. Relationship goals

Common, Right? But it’s not that obvious. Few couples make relationship goals and even fewer follow in them. So if you made plans together and are working thorough them, then you are bound for each other.

  1. Finances

You discuss your finances openly, or talk of them without any of you lying. You are out to help each other, and better each other financially. Having a joint account shows the greatest trust, same as giving out bank and M-pesa pins.

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  1. You are concerned about each other’s life progress

And this is just not about just mentioning, it’s about real concern about jobs, studies, hustle. You are ready to help out for free for someone to achieve their dream. You do favors for each other at odd times, no matter how difficult.

  1. You talk about Family

You talk about your parents, mostly, and then other relatives; uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, village mates. Probably you’ve introduced each other to some, or most of the family members. You give your views on what you think of various family members, and you expect your partner to hold the same views. You also talk about going the family way.

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