Akothe’s daughter Celly who is a student at Strathmore University emerged the new face of Nivea last week in the nominations that saw online voting last year. Celly was nominated alongside other students. Kenyans on social media however had their contrary opinions as per Celly’s victory. In case of doubts, here with me I have compiled a bunch of reasons why Celly stood up among the crowds.

Here we go:

  1. Her mother is a brand and a role model
Celly and family

This is so obvious; Celly is the daughter to the prominent Akothee alias mother boss.  Akothe is among the prominent women in Kenya. She is furthermore probably a role model to some young lasses in Kenya, making them follow her lifestyle whereabouts.

  1. She has a huge social media fan base

Even though, Celly has not yet hit a huge social media following, her mother does. Also,   Akothee does great hits surrounding the African pop-culture. Her hits are loved by many making her popular not only in Kenya but also in Africa at large.  This makes Celly popular too. Her mother’s fans are her fans too.

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  1. Celly is stunning pretty
celly 2

It’s the human nature to have critics and opinions I said opinions; contrary ones too. A portion of Kenyans didn’t see Celly beautiful but she is gorgeous and pretty. The truth of the matter is that more than 60% of the voters saw beauty in her. She took after her mother who always makes abroad lads have high affinity towards her.

  1. She is a model
celly 5

As I mentioned before, she has a gorgeous look.  Celly has model characteristics which makes her fit and look amazing in anything she puts on. She is classy too by her appearance.

  1. She is friendly

Akothee’s daughter is jovial and likes partying, socializing and making new friends in the campus; she does not segregate on gender, age or social class. My one on one interview with one of her course mates revealed that she has all desirable qualities that make her qualify the aspect of being the best friend.  Who cannot vote their friends in any kind of nominations?

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  1. She is widely known

Who doesn’t know Akothee’s daughter?  Celly is the item of discussion in each and every campus in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The other contestants were not able to be recognized by the voters. They probably voted on the basis of whom they have ever heard of. If I was to contest and therefore nominated, I would think of withdrawing at an earlier stage. Just like Baba…

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