To the shock of many in the society, stories of campus going students engaged in mundane activities are now common. They are arrested in connection with activities such as drug usage and trafficking, prostitution, robbery, and some cases, the use of violence as well as possession of arms illegitimately.

For the money

This is the most obvious reason, at the same time the most obvious excuse the young criminals would give. Some students cite that it is a way of making them meet the high and rising standards of life, a method of coping. Mr. Ochieng, a counselor however says that they are better ways of making money, instead of engaging in crime.

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Peer pressure

This is a major reason, especially when it comes to taking drugs and alcohol. Most students find themselves engaging in unlawful activities because their peers are doing so.


Though it is said that Ignorance is no defense, it is saddening to see young citizens engage in crime because they are not aware that they are doing so. They end up forming part of the unlawful citizenry.

For exposure

There is a certain age in campus in which good girls and boys feel that the world I theirs, they need to do everything, test everything in fact exploit everything. They never wish to leave behind any stone unturned. You will find them joining all co curricular activities in campus and colleges; he/she will play tennis, basketball, rugby, badminton, engage in athletics et.al. That’s where they will meet goons who smoke marijuana. They will be one thing, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are!

Be who you are son of man. Don’t be whirled by campus goons and the environment in general.