In the past couple of weeks, NTV lost a number of columnists to other media companies. There being voids here and there, the house  has recently  hired one of the most experienced beautifully stunning journalist in Kenya from rival media house, Capital FM.  A s per Nairobi News, Olive Burows will soon join Nation Media house as the news presenter.

Below is a photo in which Olive Burrows is being given a send off by the Capital FM’s staff

Olive Burrows photos
Olive Burrows (Middle) Being given a send off | Photo: Nairobi News

Olive has been  widely known as one of the  outgoing and bold Kenyan journalist who has interviewed most Kenyan and world’s prominent personalities such as His Excellency Kenya’s President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the former US President Barrack Obama among others. Olive has become the most searched on google since her news of joining NTV broke the internet.

OMG Diary News  therefore brings you some of her exclusive photos  not only depicting the African beauty but also her daily endeavors  and general lifestyle.