With the modern technological advancement, mobile money services such as M-Pesa have made work easier. Long gone are the times when people used to line up at posters, government offices and in other premises to sort up day-to-day bills and even pay for government services.

You may need to settle a bill pertaining government statutory services such as KRA, TSC application, passport services etc and you may be wondering where to source the Pay Bill numbers.

Worry no more. All you need to have is good money in your Mpesa account to settle the bill and a mobile phone.

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Nowadays, a mobile phone can do everything pertaining payment of bills without necessarily having to travel.

The following are the Kenyan government statutory fee charges and how to pay for them using Mpesa pay bill services:

Service Charge(S)
Mpesa Pay Bill Number
1.       Certificate of Good Conduct Ksh. 1050 206206
2.       TSC Number Application (Registration) Ksh. 1055 625625
3.       HELB Clearance Certificate (For Non Beneficiaries) Ksh. 1000 200800
4.       CRB Clearance Certificate Ksh. 2200 212121
5.       Kenyan Passport (Ordinary, 32 Pages) Ksh. 650 206206
6.       Provisional Driving License Ksh. 4550 206206
7.       Ecitizen Services Variable 206206

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