After spending your entire life under the watch of parents, teachers, and guardians comes a time where your  ‘I want to be a doctor’ lands you to a place safe enough to midwife its birth. Not that I wanted to be a doctor anyway. There is nothing wrong with being a doctor. And not that I gave up on the medicine career because the ongoing doctors’ strike rings the ‘being-a-doctor-is-not-that-cool-anymore’ bell. No! I wanted to be a banker. It is not that that is cool either. Well, I am not a sucker for cool careers. Long story short, somewhere along the way, I bumped into an eye- opener called college. Not that I paid full attention to my grades or class attendance. And not that I did not want to pass exams. Or not that I did not care. No! What I mean by that is that I finally got a teacher who taught what ought to be taught. Below are a few things that I personally got to learn:

  1. A’s and C’s are Left by the main gate

There is a statement that says, ‘welcome to campus where students who scored Cs initiate their fellows who scored A’s into the weed-smoking ceremony.’ This simply means that campus is a whole new beginning. Forget the grades you scored and the schools you were in. Welcome aboard for a new journey!

  1. To Prioritize

I learned that attending all lectures religiously does not guarantee you a first class. Also, being in school all day does not pay your bills. I learned to attend only the lectures that I was assured that I was going to grasp something in those few minutes. There is no point of going to school just to make an appearance. I also learned that if the time in between classes can be used to make some extra cash, why not capitalize on it?

  1. To Respect Diversity

The campus is a mash-up of all sorts of people who got varying degrees of sanity, varying degrees of confidence and most importantly, varying degrees of success.More often than not, all you have to do is acknowledge the diversity and respect them the way they are.

  1. To Self-Actualize

Let me kid you not: It is on campus that I got to understand myself, to know who exactly I am and to feel comfortable in my own personality. I was able to understand that it is okay to tend to shy away from crowds; it is okay to not feel like partying when everyone else is psyched up for the weekend. I was also able to understand that being satisfied with a small circle of friends is okay. The society does not need to approve on that.

  1. To Strive To Build Meaningful Relationships

Who are my friends? Why are they my friends? How do they impact on my life?In campus, you cannot afford to have friends who are just friends. There has yo be something extra about them that makes you choose them.

  1. Who I am

It is on campus where you get to know that just because we are all economics students doesn’t mean that we are all destined to the same career. Dig deeper into your interests, values and what drives your passion to them. Once you get to know these, that’s when you will find out where your ultimate career lies.

  1. How You Relate To Other People

This will enable people to know the kind of person you are. They will judge you by that and will relate to you according to how you relate to them.

  1. Allow Yourself To Dream

It is only in dreams that you get to grow wings that will enable you to fly. Try to picture your ideal life after campus. That will enable you to focus on the goal.

  1. To Network

With meeting other people comes the beauty of getting to create your opportunities. The campus does not hand you a recipe for jobs. You have to go out of your way to get yourself one. Be that ‘extra’ kind of person.