Nairobi CBD this morning was a captivating scene leaving residents shocked in amazement as a lady known as Tamara Risheel walked street by street holding a placard claiming that she is Uhuru Kenyatta’s unknown daughter.

As per the placard, her major aim and dream is to meet His Excellency; Mr. President in person and have a talk and if possible join Uhuru’s family.

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This happens a year after some youths who used the same trick seeking for employment successfully landed on their dream jobs.  Another lady in a wedding gown hovered in the streets of Nairobi with a placard and met her dream husband that she was looking for.

This kind of a move seems to be the only way to seek recognition, fame and success in Kenya because a few have tried it and their plans hatched.

The question is, will Tamara’s plan succeed? Stay tuned for more updates on OMG Diary.

Here are some of the captions: