It will now be possible for parents to receive notifications on their phones in case their children do not show up in class.In institutions of learning, good attendance of classes leads to good subject grades yet managing student enrollment, classroom attendance and learning, especially in classes with a large number of students, can be difficult and sometimes inaccurate.With so many students to account for, it becomes difficult and tedious to achieve accurate class attendance using a manual system.

To improve students’ educational learning outcomes, I Choose Life (ICL) a youth empowerment NGO has developed a web-based Biometric Student Information Management system (BioSIM) that is designed to automate the enrolment and attendance of students nationwide.

According to ICL Managing Director, Mike Mutungi, BioSIM provides the ability to manage data from enrolment of eye’s iris scans and photographs of the students. The data is then used to track students’ attendance, educational performance, and can even track teachers’ attendance records. Its main objective is to improve enrollment, attendance and learning outcomes as well as keep parents informed on absentee students.

The technology consists of an android phone and hand-held iris camera, which can enable a teacher with 80 students to take roll call in about one minute by checking all listed class students and simply un-checking those who are absent. A text message is sent to the parent informing them if their child is late or absent.Any child missing school for ten consecutive days is red flagged for follow-up and, reports and recommendations are made on sight.

The BioSIM uses the eye’s iris as a unique personal identifier.The iris as a unique personal identifier is deemed to be more accurate than the thumbprint as the iris pattern of a human stabilises by 18 months of age and stays constant till death.If this system will be implemented in all higher learning institutions,monitoring of students will have been made easier.