The 13th of October 2017 marked the date when Nairobi Institute of Business (NIBS) College was going to crown new models as their MR and Miss NIBS 2017. The event was to take place at Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi from 9.00pm to late into the night. There was so much hype that had been building up prior to the event; for instance, the male and female models that were to grace the runway on the D-day had to go through a one-month training to sharpen their modeling prowess. Also, artists, dancers, judges, event organizers and even photographers had to be booked early to ensure dire readiness.

On to the event; the theme was Peaceful coexistence. At around 8.00 pm, I together with three of my friends drove into Carnivore. We wanted to be in time on purpose just so that we could secure the front seats. We walked in. The music was soothing, the colors were lively; the ambience was to die for. We secured our seats right behind the three judges. At that time, the stage was still being prepared and the photographers and videographers were still trying to find the perfect point from where they would get to cover the whole event effectively.

At 9.30 pm, the event officially started. We grabbed some snacks and drinks to last us throughout the event. There were three judges; among them was Miss Esther Were, the current Miss Universe Kenya. There were about 12 contestants. The models graced the stage in all white (for ladies) and black and white (for gents), vintage wear, official wear, creative wear and then dinner wear in that order of categories.

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It was magical. We cheered till our voices became hoarse. Dancers such as Gutsy dance crew did their magic and left us in awe. Female DJs did their thing as well. Also, Kaligraph Jones came and did such an awesome performance that left us all jamming to his music.

At 2.00 am, we hadn’t even realized that it was way past midnight. We were so living in those moments that we dint realize how fast time was moving. It was time to announce the finalists; three in each gender; six in total. At this moment, it was a do or die for the models. The 2nd runners up for both genders were called. Applause! 1st runners up. Even louder round of applause! The remaining models had their heart skip to their mouth in this moment. “Will I really make it? What if am nowhere on the list? Oh my God. Oh My God!”  Silent prayers. Teeth  grit. Knuckles crack. Fists clench. Pin drop silence”…and the winner is…DJ play us some music.”

This went on for three times in a row, building the eagerness to know the winner even more. Finally, the MC decided to let out the news. ‘Simba’ won the MR NIBS crown and Ayla won in the female’s category. Screams, tears of joy, camera flashes, flowers, colorful lights and all things positive could be seen and felt beaming from every corner of the hall. A photo- taking session followed, plus interviews to the new Mr. and Miss. The event officially ended at around 4.00am and those who wanted to dance their night away were free to do so. What an eventful night?

Have a look at some of the captions that made part of the event:


nibs 3

nibs 4

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