Millicent Anjiri Burudi is a 22 years old student at Egerton University Main Campus in Njoro. She is pursuing a Degree in Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology course in the School of Engineering at the university. Millicent is the brain child of Witty Foundation a foundation whose mission is to blend beauty and kindness to put a smile on a sad face.

The idea of starting the foundation dawned on Millicent in July 2017.”I had the urge to do charity work and finding an already established group to do that with them was hard and I also felt that I should inspire someone who wants to model,” she says.

So what does her foundation do?

Her foundation brings together models from different parts of the country to blend beauty and kindness as a way to uplift the less fortunate in the society. As a team, they incorporate their talents to organize fun and charity events and make sure they are a success. Through fun events, they are able to raise money to facilitate charity events .The foundation also depends on financial help from well-wishers and the models themselves.

Apart from entertaining and giving a helping hand during their charity events, the models get exposure and new networking opportunities.

Witty foundation does its activities in all major towns of the country, something that is easily done because each town has a model associated with her foundation making co-ordination a simple task.


The only challenges that Millicent faces are insufficient funds and negative attitude from some people towards models, things that she believes will be overcome in a matter of time.

What keeps her going?

She has a principle of never giving up in life.

The young CEO is able to balance her school work with what she does by avoiding all irrelevant activities. During her free time, she likes modeling.

Millicent has a goal of making the foundation bigger and uplift many more people in the society. She is looking forward to make the foundation international in 5 years time.