A TSC certificate is a very important companion for teachers. Its offered by the Teachers’ Service Commission upon online application.

When looking for TSC jobs (may it be fresh applicants or for promotion purposes), its one of the must-have documents you should present to the panel to prove that you are a bonafide TSC registered teacher.

Furthermore, upon TSC deregistration, a teacher must also submit the certificate to the TSC officially. Therefore by all means, the certificate is so important that it should be kept safer from damage that may cause it to be defaced or from getting lost.

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In this article, am going to take you through the procedure of acquiring another certificate in case the one you were having got defaced of maybe in case it got lost.

Requirements for replacement
  • Bank  payment slip
  • Your national government offered Identity Card
  • All applications are done online
Fee for replacement of lost TSC Certificate

To apply for a replacement, you need to pay a nonrefundable fee of Ksh. 2055

Is it possible to change names on the TSC Certificate after successful application?

Yes, in case you want to change the names on the certificate an affidavit or marriage certificate must be provided.

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How to apply for TSC Certificate Replacement

Note that: To apply for the replacement, you  will need scanned copies of the documents you used while applying for first time.

  1. To start application, head over to: https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/RegintroDC.aspx
  2. Enter you ID number and Surname
  3. Click Next label and follow the procedure until the end