There are some things that you should do to have your laptop in a good condition. Check them out below:

Use a laptop bag

A laptop stays safe when carried in its bag. The bag you use to carry your laptop should be of appropriate size for the laptop. Using a bag makes it easier to move around with your laptop to wherever you want to go and whenever you want.

Keep liquid substances and food away

Any liquid substance and food should be kept away from your laptop to avoid spillage on the laptop. Liquid and food particles can damage your laptop when they get through the key pad of your machine.

Install anti-virus software in your laptop

Viruses slow down system operations and performance of the laptop. It is therefore very important to install an  anti-virus software that can detect viruses and get rid of them. This will protect your laptop from all forms of viruses that can spoil your machine.

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Practice proper   battery charging behavior

The battery laptop should be charged fully before using the laptop again every time it becomes low. Using the machine  while charging will reduce the battery life of your laptop. Make sure you charge your laptop for the required time. If it is to be charged for two hours, do not charge it for more hours or less than the two hours.

Avoid placing heavy stuff on your laptop

Placing heavy stuff on your laptop can damage your laptop screen and the keyboard. Never place them on your laptop if you want it to stay in good condition.


Create a maintenance schedule for your laptop. Trouble shooting once in a while is a habit you should develop if you want to use it for a long period of time. It can be twice or even thrice per month.

I believe the tips mentioned above will make you a better laptop owner if you were not practicing them before. Keep it OMGDiary.com for more guides.

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