Women will bear with me that there are days of the month when they are really uncomfortable, how they wish that these days could be scrapped off from their life cycle; monthly periods. It takes some 4-6 days; these days could be not only uncomfortable but depressing too.

In some women, these days may tend to be full of pains. There are several ways to sail through these days in a pain-free way. As much as you can employ some methods to ensure pain-free menstrual days, it’s important that ladies take care of their body hygiene during periods.

On top of this major tip, there are some habits that you need to avoid by any chance or even stop them during periods. Here we go; I have compiled a good number of them:

Skipping meals

While in menstrual periods, skipping meals is not advisable. This is the period in which you are losing blood and energy, you therefore need more food and consider large quantities of fluids intake. You ought to take three proper meals; that is breakfast, lunch and supper. Also consider eating snacks and fruits in between these meals.

Over straining your body

Avoid getting involved in strenuous chores that may induce pain to your body. During your menstrual periods, you are already in great pain therefore try as much as possible to avoid the activities that may cause additional pains.

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Wearing same pads for long time

Wearing pads for long time, probably a whole day is unhygienic. It may lead to vaginal infections and also leads to bad odor too. It’s advisable that you should change your pad every 3-5 hours of the day whether bleeding heavily or not.

Having unprotected sex during periods

During your ‘unsafe days’ try to avoid sexual intercourse. If you can’t avoid it, use protection. Engaging in unprotected sexual during menstrual periods increases the chances of getting infections by 80%. These infections could be STD’s or any other genitalia diseases which could be dangerous.

Doing vigorous exercises

Engaging in vigorous exercises during periods is also another habit to avoid. These strenuous exercises can harm your body and induce much strain. Exercises are healthy to the general body; get involved in light exercises which are not strenuous during periods

Eating in the middle of the night

During the night, the body should be relaxing especially when you are having peaceful sleep. At this time, few kilo joules of energy are being used just to keep you breathing and finalizing food digestion.

If you eat at this time, it won’t be good for your body as the body won’t be able to digest all food that gets in effectively.

Sacrificing night sleep for other activities

During menstrual periods, cramps are common. They may make it difficult for you to sleep; but it’s advisable not to get in any activities that may take away your sleep. You need to avoid these activities and ‘seduce’ your peaceful sleep in the night.

Sleep is very important during periods- it enables you to rest and relax your body due to day to day activities that you may have got involved in during the day.

Consuming dairy products

While in menstrual periods, avoid milk products like yogurt and cheese. Studies have it that excessive consumption of dairy products during periods worsens the menstrual cramps because they are rich in element called arachinidic acid.

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Involving in depressing activities

You will concur with me that there are very many occasions and activities that depress women. Examples of such activities and occasions are watching distressing movies such as soap operas and even listening to sad songs.

Indulging in such activities affects the psychological health of any woman. Its therefore not good to get involved especially during periods.

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