Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook group was founded about four years ago. It’s a forum where all kinds of Kenyans and even citizens beyond our borders sojourn and dwell. The group has more than 860,000 members of which 260,000 are active therefore they like statuses, comment and post.

About 450,000 members are just readers of the status updates every second of every minute of every hour. The   remaining population comprise of the members who are either dormant or just mere advertisers.

Kilimani mums is therefore one of the giant Facebook groups in Kenya.  Another group which is rapidly mushrooming is Buy and Sell in Kenya. Buy and sell in Kenya is currently having more than 18,500 active members which is quite below standard but the rate at which new members are joining is quite alarming therefore a prediction of 1000,000 members in the next one or so years.

Back to business!  On behalf of the OMG Diary News, I want to present to you proven reasons why many Kenyans are joining the Kilimani Group. These reasons are listed below:

Chucking out boredom

Kilimani Mums and Dads Group is an ultimate antidote to your boredom. You may find yourself bored of   other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat or even maybe you don’t have many friends who update their statuses on Facebook; you are therefore bored of seeing updates of your one or two friends day by day.

Statuses in Kilimani platform are updated from time to time. You will be rest assured of new things hourly from about 200,000 different personalities.

Downing frustrations

This is another main reason as to why you will find many Kenyans in Kilimani. You will definitely see mums and dads update statuses regarding their personal and family matters. You may not know the reason behind this. The reason is probably because of family problems not limited to wife battering, ‘kukaliwa chapatti’, personal frustrations in life etc. When the mums and dads post in Kilimani on such matters, they are in one way or another ‘freed’ of frustrations up to a given percentage.

Sex matters and discussions

There is nothing that engages people more than sexual discussions. In Kilimani, you will get people update posts on sex matters. They hide nothing. It’s a platform that enables people to spew  all their  sexual utterances. You will find cute sassy ladies update things like’ leo nanyesha’. Such a post  engages very many people within a very short time span thus leading to a cacophony of likes, reactions and comments; that’s what’s people would like to hear.

Curvy, cute and sassy ladies’ photo posses

kilimani mums

In Kilimani group is where you will meet all kinds of ladies. Some of the ladies take appetizing photo possess and update. Some even take photos of their lusting cleavages and juicy boobs and post to the group. This makes team mafisi to salivate and affiliate thousands of comments and likes and even goes  ahead to message those  ladies in private chats. Hundreds of guys especially campus students have been hooked up to sugar mummies via the Kilimani platform.

Happy Kilimani membership!

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