Students generally have many endless unsatisfiable wants. In most cases they would want to put in place an ‘economic function’ to ensure that they get materials, services and knowledge while spending little or no cost at all. Some college or campus projects are non-pocket friendly; they would require that students spend much on them. But here is a trick! You just need a few skills to execute some tasks by yourself.

You can imagine of how frustrating and cumbersome it is for coming up with a thesis, dissertation or a research paper; you definitely may think of hiring someone experienced to help you at a fee. Do you have money to go such an extra mile? Not for me.

With me here I have compiled a list of important websites which can help students get right materials for their projects that they should have at their finger tips. You can also be a guru in coming out with some projects with the help of these websites and selling to your friends or helping them navigate through their day-to-day assignments.


This is a very important website for tech-manias and innovators. This website offers guides on how to make anything that you may think of; may it be robots, vehicles, electrical appliances. Name them! This website also has lots of guides on choosing and buying technological companions.


Calling this site a library is an understatement. It has all the DIY articles based on all topics that you may think of. All tips that you may want are on the site; be it cooking, electronics repair etc. The guides on wikihow are framed in a simple language that anybody can understand and master; it also contains diagrams and illustrations that you can follow to carry out your projects and make them a success.


This is the most popular website. It has all tutorials, topics and guides that can help any scholar to carry out their projects successfully.  All you need to do is to go to the website’s home page and search for any tutorial that you may need. Though watching of tutorials on youtube for students may be somehow expensive especially when the university or college does not offer free WI-FI. Thank God that most of colleges are served by the WI-FI to help you browse for your topics of interest and watch tutorials.


This website has all DIY subjects that you may need ranging from carpentry, pottery, tailoring or farming. Furthermore, this website contains classes section where the visitor can interact with tutors and be taught subjects which entail more than just reading and following illustrations. If you have vast ideas about a particular field, you can register on their forum and share your ideas with others.

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Do It Yourself

This is another website that covers a wide range of projects, ranging from decor to electronics and electricals. It has forums where users can interact with pros and gain useful tips. The website also features a product reviews page where uses can air user-experience of products.


I found this website important and crucial. Most DIY websites will tell you all the guides of making something you need but forget to tell you the cons and what you should never do. This is where the DIYnot comes in to guide you on what you should never do when making something.

Just like other websites not limited to the mentioned herein, the DIYnot also has forums for contributions and vast topics that you could imagine of, therefore becoming your major companion while executing your projects.