Huddah Monroe is a beautiful, hardworking model and an entrepreneur, proudly Kenyan.

Family background
She was born on 10TH ,October , 1991 in Eastleigh, Nairobi. Her real name is Alhuda Njoroge. She grew up in Huruma Estate in Nairobi. She is an alumni of Kajiado Hills Girls Academy.

Her father of Somali origin passed away while she was still young. Huddah’s mother later re-married .She has 4 step-brothers. She ran away from home while she was still young because of the numerous domestic conflicts at their home.

Her past
She engaged in modeling as a freelancer. This was her first job. She has ever been a cast member of ‘Vitimbi’ which aired in the 1980’s and 1990’s.She played the role of ‘Kayai’ the daughter of the late Mzee Ojwang’ and Mama Kayai in the drama.

She participated in Big Brother Africa which helped her to gain fame. She was once a drug addict and had to go to a rehab. She was once a bisexual. She liked playing ‘bano’ when young. She does not like wearing dresses because she grew up around boys which made her a tomboy.


How she makes money
She is a hardworking farmer. She owns several acres of land in which she cultivates a number of crops that are sold locally and also exported to nearby countries. She loves partying. She is a brand ambassador for BrightenMi which is a beauty product , Uber and a cancer survivors ambassador. She has a company called Huddah cosmetics which stocks lipsticks, eye shadow and make up wipes.

Other facts
She has a tattoo inscribed in French; Fleur Rebelle which means rebellious flower in English.
She grew up together with Prezzo and they are really close friends.
Her estimated net-worth is 3,000,000 dollars.

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