Stigma  surrounds  many cases of abortion. Sometimes, it is a medical necessity. As for today, I would like to inform you about why you should never do it willingly if there is no good medical reason for you to do it. Abortion leads to side effects that affect a woman both emotionally and physically. Read them below:

Persistent bleeding

Healing of the uterus after an abortion isn’t a smooth process. This is because of forceful detachment of the placenta which is normally attached to the uterus. Bleeding normally persists for a long time and even becomes heavier than usual. This bleeding can lead to anemia as a result of excessive loss of blood.

Development of cancer

Termination of pregnancy leads to a higher risk of getting cancer. The risk of breast cancer increases by 2.3 times. Other cancers such as liver and ovarian cancers can also arise due to abortion. Forced change in hormones of the body stimulate development of the cancer cells.

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Damage of the cervix

This a long-term complication. During the process of abortion, the cervix must be stretched open with a lot of force and this causes tearing of the cervical muscles. Cervical damage takes forever to heal and is so painful leading to future reproductive health complications.

Post-abortion syndrome

This is a disorder that happens to people women who undergo a stressful abortion. Symptoms include flashbacks, lack of sleep, mood swings and they take up to 3 months after the incident for them to appear. It easily happens to women who have more painful and traumatic than expected abortion procedures. Recovering from this disorder is difficult.

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It is manifested as lack of interest in sex, entertainment, previous hobbies and anything else that was enjoyable in doing before abortion. Feelings of guilt and regret contribute to depression. It results due to feeling bad about terminating the pregnancy.

Abortion jeopardizes future pregnancies and births and increases the risks of labor complications. Research has found that among teenagers whose first pregnancies were aborted, 66% of them experienced premature birth or miscarriages of their second wanted pregnancies. However, if you must do it because of medical reasons, it must be done under the guidance of professional doctors.