Through the portal, HELB has made many needy students in Kenya achieve their dreams by providing them with loans. These funds enable them settle school fees and live comfortably in the universities and colleges.

HELB also provides free bursaries for needy students to enable them sail smoothly during their attachments and teaching practice (for students pursuing Education course)

In this article, I am going to write about HELB Portal, HELB application forms, HELB bursary forms and contacts to enable you easily get access to the services without hustle.

HELB Portal

To access the HELB official portal, students should log on to: https://portal.helb.co.ke

Application Forms

This is the most searched HELB component on the internet. Unfortunately, HELB does not provide forms to be filled manually like other bursary forms. If you are a first time applicant, what you need to do is to register and apply for the loan by filling online provided forms.

After successful application, you will be required also to print the copies to take them to various places for signature appending.

To fill the forms online, fill your information online and download your duly filled form using this link. If you are a beneficiary and a subsequent applicant, logon to the portal using the link provided above.

HELB Contacts

In my previous article, i talked about all the ways you can use to reach HELB including Telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers, SMS line and even social media handles. Use this link to see a full list of HELB contacts.

HELB Bursary forms

Bursary forms forms are not provided by HELB to be filled manually too. To fill the forms online, log onto HELB Portal (link provided above), apply for the bursary, print the hard copies and submit them to your nearest Huduma centers to be delivered to HELB offices.