Today am going to talk about the most discussed topic; the world is going digital you know. Everyone wants to start a blog. Indeed blogging is a great idea. How do you get started, I will let you know everything from A to Z. When you finish reading this article, you will have known how to setup your own blog and earn money from it.

The following are the steps you ought to go through to successfully set up a blog:

Identify your niche

This is your specialization, your passion; it can be in the area of sports, movies, education, entertainment etc. It’s basically what you will be blogging about.

Identify a domain name

A domain name is the door to your blog; it should be memorable and simple. It is {yourname.com} or {yourarea.net}

A domain name costs between 10 to 11 dollars depending on company and country e.g. OMGDiary.com There are several available extensions i.e. .com, .co.ke, .org, .ng, .ug, .tz and ac.ke for institutions etc.

Some hosting providers like Hostinger give free domains when you host your site with them.

Pick a hosting provider

When I started this blog, I hosted  it for 53 dollars (roughly Ksh.5300) a year and I was promised 15 GB disk space and a humongous figure of bandwidth per month but as my blog grew bigger and bigger, I discovered that all was vanity, my  site crashed severally whenever I shared a post on social media.

The site couldn’t hold more than twenty readers at once. I had seriously to migrate to a good host. My friend introduced me to Hostinger of which at the moment, such problems are of the past. I don’t worry about disk space, bandwidth, domain renewal charges, SSL certificate renewal charges, Google search engine rankings, etcetera because Hostinger got me covered. Hostinger is a UK based hosting company.

I can host unlimited number of websites on my single Cpanel just for 70 dollars per year, (Ksh 7,000). In fact, everything you admire from your hosting provider is unlimited on Hostinger.

Check out these websites I have on my single Hostinger account:

For you to land on a hosting provider, you ought to look at the reliability and the specifications of the provider.

For Reliability, you will look at customer care base; how fast are they to help you whenever you touch on a given code and land into a mess. Hostinger is the beast among all for providing excellent customer care services. You can also checkout top hosting service providers, their prices and their specifications via this link. Use this link to start a plan with Hostinger and you wont regret.

Choose your preferred Content Management System (CMS)

Once you have bought a hosting account, you will now have to choose among many content management systems (CMS) and install your preferred one in your Cpanel. There are several content management systems major ones being word press, Drupal, Joomla etc. All my sites are on word press except https://www.kenyatechs.com which is bootstrap modified.

I recommend that you go for Word Press because its user friendly. It doesn’t need any kind of rocket science to manage it. Joomla is a bit technical to work with for newbies. It’s the most recommended for corporates. Bloggers like me and you just need to use word press. Once you install your CMS, it will automatically give you a username and password to login to CMS admin area where you will manage the design and posts of your blog.

Work on interface

When you choose on word press, it gives you preinstalled templates to start with. You can as well hire a designer to do something good for you as far as designing is concerned.

Focus on content

Once you have hosted your site and installed your preferred CMS, you now need to focus on the content. Write better quality content that will give your audience a reason to come to your site again and again. You definitely chose your niche, right? You are the technocrat in that sector. Explore it.

Grow your network

Understand that articles won’t reach people on themselves, share, and share on social media platforms. The more times you share, the more you get more visitors to your site. The more you earn (when monetized), the more you rank better on Alexa Rank


Here is where it becomes a bit tricky. Monetizing a site or blog means linking your site to revenue generation accounts which may earn you money by displaying ads on your site depending on ad views and clicks. There are a good number of companies which you can monetize your site with. They include:

Google Adsense doesn’t restrict on the number of visitors to be reached so as to accept your blog in to their program. As long as your site has more than 40 posts having non plagiarized content and your site is more than 6 months old. Google Adsense team takes up to 5 days to respond to your application.

Your application may be declined at start, but make adjustments as specified in their mail and keep on resubmitting your application. However you may accept their T and C’s specified on their official website and adhere to their policies.

Mgid and Taboola on the other hand aren’t strict either. You just must have good traffic of about 30,000 hits and above per month and you are good to make funds out of your passion.

You may also monetize your site by approaching companies physically once you have a huge readers base i.e. you may approach betting companies like Bwin, 1XBet, Sportpesa, BetPawa etc

A site may also be monetized by affiliation whereby you  sign up to  sales companies which in turn gives you links to append on your site as a    way of marketing a given line of products offered by them. E.g. Jumia and Kilimall affiliate programs.

If you need any special help on blogging, contact me and I am going to help you set up your blog and even design it for you. Good luck in your blogging journey.

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