There are some simple ways of getting capital to start a part-time business while in campus or if your are out there hustling. I have compiled them below for all potential entrepreneurs. If you are a potential entrepreneur, check them out below:

Get a loan

Talk to friends and institutions that can give you cash on loan for later repayment. The credit given can be paid for a certain period of time as agreed with the friends or institution that will give you the loan. When you take a loan, make sure you repay it as expected to avoid ruining the relationship between you and the creditor  just in case you might need help in future.

Set your goal and Save

You can decide to save some cash that is enough for starting your business. Saving cash is something difficult for a campus student and unemployed people. That is why I can encourage you to create a lock savings account.

Lock savings accounts such as the one provided by M-Shwari of Safaricom is the most reliable for this case. You will be able to save the amount of money you need for the period you will choose and withdraw without any unnecessary issue.

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Get help from family

Getting help from family members is an easy task if you are able to convince them why they should give you the money you need as capital.

If you give them good reasons why they should let you do the business, they will eventually give you the cash. However, you should not lie to family members concerning the type of business that you will want to set up.

Mobi Loan Apps

In this digital era, its easy to acquire emergency loans; its just at the palm of your hands provided that you have a smartphone that can install the loan apps.

There are various loan apps available on Google Play store. such as Branch, Tala, Stawika etc. All you need to do is to search for your preferred app and spearhead that business of your choice. Use this link to install Stawika loan app from Google Play store.

Some apps such as Tala give loans of up to a threshold of Ksh.1,000 for a start. That amount is just enough for a small scale business beginner.

I have given the simplest ways that you can raise cash for you to start and run your business. However, when you get capital, it is your responsibility to make sure that you keep the cash safely and use it wisely to avoid regrets later because of misuse of the cash. All the best!