Karumbo, a student at Moi university pursuing mass media and communication yesterday amazed the OMGDiary team by his shocking invention. Karumbo came up with an invention that he believes it can change the world in the near future by supplying electricity to substitute Kenya Power and Lighting Company- the bigwig of electricity in Kenya.

“Third world countries are too many in the world, people in these countries suffer joblessness  hence fulfilling the vicious cycle of poverty; they spend most of their time in bedroom doing atete atete games and multiplying.” He added.

Karumbo said that some conjugal acts are so vigorous hence can be used to generate a lot of electricity for domestic purposes if harnessed.


He invented a super-sensitive dynamo that can convert bed movements and tremors to electric energy. As per the interview with Karumbo, the dynamo is put under the bed leaning on one of the bed’s stand.

The dynamo has a tape that is attached to the stand. Any kind of movement on the stand whether feeble or strong, can charge a car battery full over the night.

A normal active couple can charge three car batteries per night. The dynamo can produce a maximum of 24 volts and a minimum of 6 volts if the bed movement is feeble.