Top 20 Under 20 Models in Kenya is the new, fresh, vibrant and most promising modeling competition in Kenya right now. Fotophreak Magazine seeks to breath more life in the Kenyan Fashion and modeling industry by highlighting and bringing to the front all the models who are 20 and below and are already making moves and headlines in the Kenyan modeling space.

The Fotophreak Research Team has established that most of the models that end up making it big in the industry in their 20s usually start refining their art way back while they are still under the age of 20. We therefore created this competition to monitor these models, award them, and keep up their motivation in a bid to promote and keep growing the modeling industry in Kenya.

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After the winners of this competition have been unveiled, we shall then embark on the search for the Top 20 under 25 Models in Kenya mid this year, and later we shall also have the Top 20 Under 30 Models in Kenya.

The top 7 models from this first competition will then face the Top 7 models of the Top 20 Under 25, and the Top 6 of the Top 20 Under 30 models. These 20 models will then come together to form the TOP 20 MODELS IN KENYA and finally compete for to be the best of the 20 which automatically makes you MODEL OF THE YEAR 2018. And the Face of Fotophreak Magazine.photophreak

To nominate yourself or your favorite model to the Top 20 Under 20 Models in Kenya, fill in the form below with your name, the Facebook Username or real name of the model you are nominating and their phone Number, the click the Nominate Button to submit.

Follow the instructions below to complete the Nomination Process.

  • Log on to Facebook and like our page @ Fotophreak Magazine.
  • Upload the photo of your favorite nominee, say why you would like to nominate him/ her. Make sure you mention the name of the model in the post.
  • Include the Hashtag #Top20U20ModelswithFotophreak, tag the model and post on our page / Tag us @ Fotophreak Magazine.
  • Post your nomination.

NOTE: The model you nominate must be 20 years or below and must have been actively modeling at least in the last one year.

For any questions or clarifications, contact us on 0729209419 or shoot us an email >> info@fotophreak.com

Use the form on Fotophreak’s, official website to nominate your model