With gender-based roles and traits being broken down in today’s society, in their path towards self discovery, most campus guys tend to stumble upon traits that tend to corrupt their masculinity.

Owing to the fact that stereotypical feminine characters such as publicly showing emotions and opening up have taken the wheel for so long, such sexists’ beliefs need to be nipped in the bud. However, some traits shown by a number of campus guys may raise eyebrows as explained below;

  1. Exuding too much attitude

Naturally, we all tend to be picky with who we relate to or with what we want to be thrown our way. However, some campus guys tend to exude a little too much of attitude in both their speech and body language that makes you doubt their gender.

This include him being so full of himself to an extent of him clicking at others, rolling his eyes when he sees another person or even throwing tantrums.

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Also, he may be passive aggressive. This may make his fellows avoid talking to him because if they do so, his replies may make them a little less comfortable.

  1. Being a cry baby

To start with, we all show emotions. It is human nature by default. However, it raises question marks when more often than not, a campus guy cries over petty issues.

For instance, it is quite uncommon these days to find out that a guy cried over a lost shoe, or that he cried because he did not score 100% in a test. Dude, do you need a nanny?

  1. Photo poses

When ladies pose for pictures, they tend to do so in a manner that  accentuates their feminine looks. As weird as it sounds, most campus guys today tend to imitate ladies’ poses and even on selfies, for instance pouting or even putting one finger on one’s tongue to try and look ‘sexy’. Guys, please do away with this or find yourself a mental doctor.

  1. Dieting

With the taking root of the society today expecting too much of someone’s physique, most campus guys have adopted fit lifestyles to look more masculine and toned.

Most have incorporated gym hours, cycling and dieting into their meals to enable them work towards their physical goals. However, some guys tend to over watch their meal intakes in the way that to prevent them from gaining weight or to enable them to cut weight, they take very little portions of meals in a very unhealthy way.

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Some even go to the extent of skipping meals. This character is associated with ladies because since time immemorial, a lady is expected to watch her weight due to natural matters such as baby fat that may come their way when they least expect it. But for guys, really?

  1. Over grooming

We all desire to be clean, dress impeccably, have neat hair and own that can of perfume. Done! Also, we love to have our hair done, go for mani and pedi and have our nails done; facials, massages and visit the sauna once in a while.

Still, that is all acceptable for a guy. The problem comes in when a guy makes such grooming like pedi and facials to sink deep into his self to an extent that it gets embedded on his ego; to an extent that his ego feeds on it.

Also, since when did guys start using foundation on their faces and shiny lip gloss on their lips? Dude, no one wants to date a Kendall.