Can you actually remember the first day you set foot in university? I bet that you felt like a free little bird, whose weight has been taken off its shoulder, forever. No more school routine, no more pressure, no more studying different boring units that you don’t like, no more school uniforms… The list is endless. I personally was so geared up because I knew that I was coming to study one subject that I love for the rest of my time in campus. Shock on me! Let’s get onto the bare truth down below

Your Four Year Course May Take Up to Six Years.

Anyone who has gone through campus can wholeheartedly attest to this. You may end up having a number of retakes that may lengthen your stay in campus since you cannot graduate without completing those credits. Also, one may decide to call off one semester due to personal reasons. The problem is that the zeal to finish campus usually goes down and the person may never find time to set foot in campus again.

University Can Make or Break Your Sex Life.

Truth be told; campus can be the most active phase of your sex life. This is because you are now a free bird and no one is there to take the task to govern your steps.  However, this very freedom can end up being the sole reason that crashes your soul for your entire life. There are lots of STIs out here that one may contact. Apart from that, the ladies may end up getting early pregnancies that may lead to drop-out. Other than that, I’ve come to learn that if you don’t guard your personality, the experimental energy may lead you into turning bisexual or gay.

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Many Irrelevant Units to Cover.

When I joined the university, I was certain that I was coming to study mathematics for the rest of my stay in campus. To me, mathematics is this easy, straight-forward discipline that I have been in love with from time immemorial. However, my celebration was cut short when I discovered that I have other unrelated units which were part of my pre-requisite to graduate such as Communication skills and Critical and Creative Thinking. What? Four years down the line, am still yet not over that hoax.

Last Minute Unit Registration Can Be Your Downgrade.

When you are in campus, you don’t even notice how fast time is moving. Days turn to weeks and weeks into months and before you come to your senses, it is the last day of unit registration. Remember, you paid your fees a few months ago. Heck, even a year ago, but here you are, having high chances of failing to complete that semester because of your procrastination and laziness. Whenever you pay your fee, be quick to register your units once you are certain about them when the system is fast-paced.  It saves you from a lot of last minute rush.

Pick Your Associates Wisely.

More often than not, when students get to campus, they come with the notion of being ready to ‘take over. ‘What exactly? I don’t know. They over-indulge themselves into drinking sprees and parties that milk away large chunks of their hard-earned money. Well, don’t misquote me on this; there is nothing utterly wrong with drinking or smoking or spending that cash. It is your life, right? However, it entirely becomes wrong when it governs your life and you can’t make do without it to an extent that it affects your grades negatively. Don’t try to please everyone or to be a show-off. It is your life anyways. Live it. Own it.