MCAs are very important in running the county governments of our country.MCAs are directly elected by registered voters. They head the wards of the county. There are also nominated MCAs either from a political party or as independent candidates.MCAs are represented by the County Assembly. There main role is to represent the youth, marginalized community and persons with disability and present their views in the County Assembly.

Roles of the county assembly are:

-Approving the expenditure and financial blueprints of the county government.

-Vetting and assessing nominees for the appointment of county public offices.

-Approving loans of county government.

-Making by laws and passing of bills into laws that are needed for effective running of the county government.

-Oversee the operations of the County Executive Committee and other executive organs.

-Facilitating public participation and involvement in legislation and other activities of the county assembly.

Therefore roles of MCAs are:

Maintaining a close contact with the electorate

The MCAs office should be easily approachable by any Kenyan at any working hour to respond to issues of people at the time of need. Issues being discussed in the County Assembly should be revealed to the people by the MCAs.

To represent the people in the assembly

They are the ones to present the wishes of the people in the assembly of the county. They are to make laws that cannot undermine the freedom of the people they are representing.

Linking the County Assembly and the wananchi

MCAs are supposed to ensure that services are delivered by the county to the wananchi. Services such as free primary education and public health services.

Attending sessions of the County Assembly

An MCA cannot present wishes of the wananchi if he or she does not attend sittings of the County Assembly.


Qualifications for Vying for an MCA Seat

-Must be a registered voter.

-The person vying should be nominated by a political party or be an independent candidate supported by at least 500 registered voters.

-Must not be bankrupt.

-Must not have worked as an officer of IEBC.

-Must not be a holder of any public office.

An MCA may be removed from office if:

-After legal process, is found to have contravened provisions of Chapter 6 of the constitution.

-After due legal procedure the member is found to have embezzled public resources.

-If the member is found guilty of an offense under the Elections Act 2011.