The World Health Organization estimates that about a billion young people worldwide could be at health risk because of their listening practices. Earphones are a major contributor. This is what ear phones can do to you:

Loss of connection with reality

When listening to audio files using your earphones such that you cannot hear what is going around you, you definitely lose connection with reality and this can lead to serious consequences like occurrence of an accident which can cause serious injuries on you.

Hearing complications

Loud music exposure to the ear can break the ear ossicles which are in the middle part of the ear or cause perforation of the ossicles which may result to hearing impairment. Level of volume should be maintained at a moderate level.

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Brain damage problems

Ear phones can cause brain related problems because of the electromagnetic waves they produce. Damage of the brain easily happens because the inner ear is directly linked to the brain.

Ear infections

Sharing ear phones makes transfer of infections from somebody’s ear to another person. Inserting ear phones directly into ear canals results to no air passage hence increasing chances of getting the infection. It is therefore advisable not to share ear phones.


Dizziness is a result of increased pressure in the ear canal. It is caused by high volume levels. Operating a machine while using ear phones is a dangerous thing to do because the dizziness can lead to a serious accident.

Excessive ear wax

Ear phones increase accumulation of ear wax in the ear and if you do not clean your ears regularly the chances of getting an ear infection are high due to accumulation of bacteria in the ear.

Ear specialists recommend that a person should listen to music through ear phones for less than one hour per day at a volume level less than 60 per cent of the maximum. That can avoid problems caused by ear phones.