The examinations season is here again, as per the advert done by the Kenya National Examinations Council in the local dailies and on their website, examiners’ invitation letters for KCSE and KCPE to mark the 2018 candidates’ examinations can now be accessed online.

The system was available as earlier as 10th October 2018 though it was experiencing challenges which have now been resolved. Currently, only KCPE examiners can download their letters. KCSE examiners’ letters will be available soon. The same procedure shall be used to access them.

The downloading of the letters may be done via the Online Contracted Professionals System (OCPS). To access the letter, all you need to have is your national government issued ID number, your TSC number and access to an internet enabled computer or a smartphone.

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To begin, log onto the portal using this link

You will be directed to a login screen as shown below. Be sure to enter your ID Number as your username and your TSC Number as your password.

kcse kcpe examiners invitation letters

If you followed this procedure correctly, then you should be logged in as shown in the screenshot below. You can choose from a variety of options available on your portal’s profile.

kcse kcpe examiners invitation letters

Upload your passport size photo if you haven’t which shall be used for identification and verification purposes at the venue.

To download your letter, click on the green button labeled ACCEPT OFFER to agree and then click on DOWNLOAD YOUR LETTER tab. A new screen automatically popups with your invitation letter in a PDF format.

kcse kcpe examiners invitation letters

You are done! You can proceed to print the letter and avail it when you visit the examination centers during the marking period.

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