Career choice is a very important phase in the life of a student. This is because, it is through this process that one is able to express Careers his will, wish and interest of pursuing a course that can lead him/her to their dream career.

Making uninformed decisions and choices can be the worst plague to befall a student. Making your choices according to hearsays will do you great harm than good. It’s obvious that by this time if the year you have already been fed by lots of blatant lies which are likely to influence your career choice.

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For example, most of you have been told that taking a course in education is more advantageous since one is sure of employment immediately they are done with graduation! Actually, most students who are yet to join campus do not know that, employment of teachers by the government on permanent terms depends on the demand of teachers in public institutions. In fact a keen look and you will discover that the police force is becoming a frequent employer than TSC.

NB: I do not despise teaching or the education course in general. I am disputing the untrue rumors and thoughts being peddled around.

As you select your choices make sure not even of your choices is a course you have no idea about or you have placed that choice just for the sake of filling the blanks. Choose a course that you will not regret after your admission.

All of you cannot be admitted to “top level institution” like KU, and UoN. It is also good that you must be aware of the cluster subject required for your dream course. It is important.

You can consult from your elder bro, siz, or cousin. If they are in Campus they can provide reliable information.