You ever muse on how some entrepreneurs are able to solicit cash from even the most penny-pinching person you know? How people religiously buy their products yet they almost look similar to the other ones in the market? How you have tried being in the mix; failed, cried, tried again, only for your business to be bounced against the bullet hole once more often a time? Well, good thing is that there is one ray of hope. One last one.

To start with, like the back of your hand, we all know that Valentine’s day is really going hell for leather towards our way. Sincere question: Who doesn’t know about Valentine’s day? I would literally pull the trigger on the person who would deny having any hints about the day. That  aside. To be honest, as much as this noise is deafening, my hopeless romantic self will look you in the eye and confess not caring a tone about the said day.

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Emotionally numb? No, we all show emotions. But this is so because my entrepreneurial self takes the higher notch; a win for the entrepreneur in me. Agreed? Now that the entrepreneur in me recognizes the entrepreneur in you, how about me sharing some business ideas with you? And how about you keeping your mind on the qui vive?

One important thing to note down is that your business idea has to be that of a short-term business, meaning the business will last within the week between Valentine up to slightly the week after Valentine’s. The period may sound short but it is enough to get you a move-on. Below are businesses that can be suitable and profitable this Valentine’s:

1. Write romantic books, letters and design valentine cards

This had to come first because I have some pinch of writing in me. It is an art, yes? So, if you can craft words in a way that expresses what a partner feels or thinks of the other party which cannot be articulated correctly, then why not write them down for them at a fee? If you are creative, you can also design custom-made cards and get paid.

2. Organize photo-shoots

If you have a keen eye on good photography, you can capitalize on this period by organizing photo shoots for couples. Come up with a love-inspired theme to give your clients an intimate feel. Make sure that your photos are of the best quality possible .You will thank me later, I promise.

3. Offer services

If you can bring out creativity and prowess in services such as manicure, pedicure, full body massage and make-up application, then this is the thing for you. Ladies love to treat their men to a luxury day spa for men’s facial. Remember to go along with your creativity. I assure you that you will beat others to the draw.

4.Come up with a romantic gift shop

How about you selling items such as jewellery? Think about engagement rings. Don’t you think many men go down on one knee for their ladies on the very day? Also, you can think of items such as Valentine’s day outfits for two, sexy undergarments, condoms, teddy bears, roses and other flowers, dolls and gift wrappers. You will be thrilled at how these products shall move.

5. Organize special parties

Think about a chilled laid back green location with clean air and a waterfall at its backdrop. Think of the area being pimped with night lights, balloons, cosy seats and an arena that suits the clientele of your choice.

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Now think of a five course meal, a cognac tasting experience, a band playing musical instruments on the arena and a talented singer on the arena, singing Ed Sheeran-like kind of music, providing a chilled spot for affection-showing, serenading the already apt environment. Now think of you being the man/lady behind that.

6. Valentine’s dinner at your hotel

If you already own a hotel, you can decide to have Valentine’s theme for dinner. You can treat your clients with a seven course meal, candle-freckled place, flowers on the pathways and balconies, a glass of sparkling wine and slow music by a stage performer to provide a new and different taste of your place.

Parting shot: For one to gain much profit, one has to take time and plan. You also need to know your strengths and weaknesses before making your business idea come to life. Take your time, consult and it shall definitely be a win for all of us. I wish you all the best as you plan to take your first step in entrepreneurship.