Currently, a threshold of more than one hundred higher learning institutions offering business related courses through their respective schools have mushroomed in Kenya.

As a marketing strategy, some of them claim to produce the best cohorts of graduands who are of substance in the country and the world at large. Some even go further of claiming to have the best lecturers and professors. On the other hand, some institutions have not managed to paint a good name in the public domain as far as academic fields are concerned

It is the pleasure of OMGDiary to bring to you the top ten business schools in Kenya which are currently at the pinnacle of academics and why you should think of joining them if you dream of advancing in the field of business

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

The Kenya Institute of Monetary Studies is also one of the leading business colleges. It was founded back in 1997. You actually need not to hesitate but to join the institute because you will be equipped with capacity building skills as well as professionalism in business; you will therefore deliver quality in banking practices.

The school is controlled by the central bank of Kenya to ensure continuity in quality of knowledge delivery. The institute has a partnership with some giant universities such as Kenyatta University and Moi University in provision of masters in business.

The University of Nairobi School of Business

University of Nairobi alias UoN is one of the best universities in Kenya. It has best business schools in the country. No wonder, it was recently ranked as number four in Africa in terms of infrastructure and valuing of students. If you think of pursuing a degree, masters of PhD in any business-related fields, then prioritize University of Nairobi.

The United States International University (USIU)

As per the latest rankings, United States international university alias USIU was ranked as number six amongst the best universities in Africa at large. USIU’s school of business offers programs ranging from undergraduate, graduate, CEED certificate programs and Goldman Sachs Program

Moi University School of Business and Economics

Moi University has various schools such as school of business and school of economics. These schools are also considered as best in inculcation of business curriculum. The schools offer both undergraduate and post graduate courses both in business and economics. Furthermore, these schools offer MBA as well as Masters in Philosophy in Economics

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KCA University

The university has really sprung up and overcame some of the giant universities offering business-related programs in Kenya. The KCA University has gained pluses due to its ability to embrace innovation in enhancement of learning.  Make a date with them and get quality in pursuing your business career

Catholic University of East Africa – Faculty of Commerce

Catholic university of east Africa is best known as a worthy competitor of some of the giant universities in Kenya due to its establishment year and quality in education. The university was founded back in 1991.

Its faculty of commerce equips candidates with modern managerial skills which are very important in day to day endeavors as far as the business career is concerned. Programs offered ranges from undergraduate to graduate.

Strathmore Business School

Strathmore confidently has an impeccable reputation for their world-class business courses that they offer. More so, its school of business offers both undergraduate and MBA degree programs.

Kenya Institute of Management Studies

Kenya Institute of Management Studies alias KIMS is one of the oldest colleges which offer quality management training in Kenya at the moment. KIMS is committed to promoting excellence and integrity in business management. It’s a college to attend to where quality in business management matters. KIMS entered the market as British Institute of Management about 10 years ago.

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies well known as NIBS is a private institution that mostly offers business related courses. Among the courses offered include Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business.

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Kenyatta University School of Business

This is not only one of the oldest but also one of the leading universities in Kenya. Kenyatta University’s school of business offers Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD programs. It also offers distance learning for the applicants.  For more information about Kenyatta University, feel free to visit their official portal here