As per the new Kenyan education law which seems to be on implementation, most schools have cut down the number of teachers by laying off those on BOM terms who do not meet minimum requirements as per the Teachers Service Commission(TSC).

These requirements include:

  • Compliance with TSC Requirements
  • Having graduated from a recognized university with at least a Diploma in Education (arts) or Education (Science)
  • Having scored at least a C+ in your teaching Subjects

This explains why there are bunches of teaching chances countrywide. If you have all those requirements, then you are a perfect match for these latest BOM teaching Jobs. Below is a full list of vacancies countrywide, go through the list and apply for your area of interest.

Don’t forget to share these jobs to your colleagues to help a brother.

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Pirarr Girls Secondary School Geography/Agriculture Call 0722-689922 for more information
Hakati Secondary School
  • Biology/Agric (1 post)
  • History/Geog (1 post)

Apply by 28th November

Call 0710538712 for more information

P.O Box 417-50406 Funyula

Kamariny Day Secondary School BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Maths/Geography

Apply before 5th December 2018.

For more information,  call 0710400998 or 0721895282

P.O Box 285-30700 Iten


St. Emmanuel Secondary School



  • Kisw/Cre (3 posts)
  • Kiswahili/His (2 posts)
  • Maths/Chem (2 posts)
  • English/Lite (1 post)
  • Biology/Agric (2 posts)
  • Bst/Geog (1 post)
  • Maths/Physics

Apply before 22nd  December 2018

Call 0729386524 for inquiries

P.O Box 4409 Kitale


Sarman Boys Secondary School

(In Wajir county)

Biology / Chemistry

(TSC employment vacancy)

For more information,  CALL 0724348196
Kaptik Secondary School BOM vacancies:

  • English/Lit (2 posts)
  • Maths/Bst (2 posts)
  • Kiswahili/CRE  (1 post)
  • Agriculture/Bio (1 post)
  • Maths/Geog(1 post)
  • History/CRE (1 post)
  • Geog/Kisw(2 posts)
Send your credentials to P.O BOX 182 Kaimosi.

Wendani secondary school

In Njoro.

BOM vacancies:

  • Chemistry/…..
  • Math/….
  • English/Literature
For more information,  call  0722990062
Kongasis secondary school

In Kericho.

BOM vacancy:


TSC registered.

For more information,  Call +254722621997

Entontol Mixed Secondary School

BOM vacancies:

  • Maths/Chemistry
  • Business/Geography
  • Biology/Agriculture
  • Kiswahili/Cre/Hist
  • Maths/Geography

Be TSC registered.

Apply before 10th December 2018

P.O Box 1288-20300 Narok

For more information,  Call 0720725692

St Mogere Secondary School


BOM vacancies

  • CRE /history
  • Kiswahili /history
  • Maths/BST

Be TSC registered.

Apply before 23rd December 2018.

For more information,  Call 0753785782
Naivasha Mixed High school (Naivasha sub county, Nakuru county) BOM teaching vacancy:

Physics/any other

For January 2019.

Be TSC registered.

For more info, call 0722648099


Naisha Mazuri Secondary School

(In Tala)


Graduates of 2016, 2017, 2018 with B. Ed or Diploma in Education with these combinations:

  • Chem/Bio
  • Agric/Geo
  • Chem/Phy
  • Geog/German
  • Bio/Agric
  • H/science/Agric
Email CV to mwalimumokaya@gmail.com
Midas International High School



BOM vacancy:



  • A Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • At least two teaching Subjects.
  • MUST be registered with TSC.
  • At least two to three years of experience
  • AGE: 25 – 30 years.

Kindly state Job Position you are interested in and salary expectations when applying. Only those who follow instructions and possess qualities as stated herein will be shortlisted.

Qualified candidates should submit their CVs and Cover Letters to our email address: info@midasschools.com or send an SMS to

0721 127 858 for queries. STRICTLY NO phone calls.

Pimbiniet Mixed Secindary School


BOM vacancies:

  • English/Literature
  • Kiswahili/Geography
  • Biology/Agriculture
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Business/Maths
  • Cre/History

Must be TSC registered.

Apply before  3rd  December 2018

P.O Box 79- 20424 Amalo

Situated in Mulot zone, 10km from Bomet-Narok Highway


For more information,  Call 0772961410

St. Christopher secondary School


Available Vacancies

  • Math/Chem
  • Eng/Lit

Must be TSC registered

For more information,  Call 0715209403
Booker Academy

In Bungoma.


BOM vacancy:


Must be TSC registered

For more information,  Call 0713379978
Mona Secondary School


BOM Vacancies:

Maths/ physics

TSC registered.

For more information,  +254722221656
Kilimani International School

In Nairobi. 

Teaching vacancy:

  • Biology/Chemistry
  • P1 teachers
Send your CV and Cover Letters to: principa@kintlsch.org or

Call  0720115026

St.Francis Xavier Secondary School BOM Vacancies:

  • physics/Chemistry
  • Geo/History
  • Chemistry/Biology
  • Kiswahili/ History
  • English/Literature

Must have TSC Number.

 For more information, Call  0722420839
Naigara day  sec school

(In Nyahururu sub county )


B.O.M vacancies.

  • Bio/Agriculture
  • Physics/maths
  • Geography/Business

Must be TSC registered

For more information,  call 0727719750/ 0780719751
St. Josephine Bakhita Secondary School

Situated in Gitare in Gilgil, Nakuru County.

BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Computer/ English
  • Biology/ Chemistry
  • History/ CRE
  • Geography/ Business

Deadline Friday, 14th December 2018.

P.O Box 699- 20116, Gilgil, Kenya.

Applications to be sent via E-mail to stbakhitagitare@gmail.com

Mjanaheri Secondary School


BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Chemistry/Biology
  • Physics/Math/chemistry
  • History/Cre/Geog
  • Business/Maths
  • English/Lit

Must be TSC registered and apply by 24/11/2018

For more information, Call +254722668043
Kilibwoni High School


BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Maths/ Physics
  • Biology/Chemistry

Must be TSC compliant.

Apply before 15th December 2018

P.O Box 26-30300 Kapsabet

For more information,  Call 0700279300

St. Patrick’s Busibwabo Secondary School


BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Maths/Chemistry (1 post)
  • Geography/Business (1 post)
  • Maths/Physics (1 post)
  • English/Literature (1 post)
  • Chemistry/Physics (1 post)

Must be TSC compliant.

Apply by 7TH  December 2018

P.O Box 112-50709 Nambale

For more information,  Call 0714874736


St Peters Mumias Boys High School


BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Kiswahili/Cre
  • Biology/Agriculture
  • Maths/Physics
  • English/Literature


  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Willing to participate in Co-curricular activities & other duties assigned by principal.
  • Ready to work outside normal working hours
  • Be able to handle candidate class.
  • Those trained as KNEC examiners will have an added advantage.

Applications be received before 28th November 2018

P.O Box 10-50102 Mumias

For more information,  Call 0202311913

Email: st.petersmumias@yahoo.com

Website: https://stpetersmumiasboys.sc.ke/

Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary School


BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Eng
  • Kisi
  • Bst
  • Phyc/Chem/Biology/maths
  • History/Geog/Cre
  • Agric
  • H/science
  • Music

Applications be received before 14TH December 2018 & successful applicants will be notified on 27th December 2018.

P.O Box 82-40109 Sondu

For more information,  Call 0712672035

Dzitsoni Secondary School



For 2nd January 2019 employment. MUST be TSC compliant.

Apply to the Secretary BOM.

P.O Box 408 Kilifi.

For more information,  Call:  0720 845 483

St. John Horizon Schools



  • Biology/ Agriculture
  • Biology/ Chemistry
  • Kiswahili/ History
  • Mathematics/ Business
  • Mathematics/ Physics

Applications to be made by 31st December 2018

Email: st.johnhorizonschools@gmail.com
Majembeni Secondary School




  • Physics/ Chemistry or Physics/ Mathematics
  • English/ Literature
  • History/ Kiswahili
  • Business/ History.

Applications to reach the school by 30th November, 2018.

P.O Box 38- 80503 Mpeketoni

Apply Via E-mail: majembenisecondary@gmail.com

Ncoroiboro Mixed Day Secondary School

In Ruiru in Meru County:

Open Vacancies:

  • Maths/ Business
  • Chemistry/ Biology
  • English/ Literature.

Applications to reach the school by 30th November, 2018.

For more information,  Call: 0721 711 735
Egetonto Sec. School-

In Nyamira North

Chemistry/Maths or


(TSC registered)

P.o.Box  257 – 40109 SONDU

For more information,  Call 0725826525

Miruriiri Boys secondary school

Situated in Imenti south sub County,  Meru county

  • Maths / Biology
  • Maths / Business Education
  • English / CRE ( Diploma holders have this combination)

(Must be Tsc registered)

P.O  Box 46 Igoji or drop your letter to the office


Nkando Boys school in Meru County Requires:

Kiswahili/Geography teacher for employment on BOM terms. Preferably a male.

It is in Meru central, alight at Kariene from Nkubu-Meru highway, ride a motorbike for Ksh. 50 to the school.
Gorofa secondary school

(Situated in Olreguruon)

BOM teaching vacancies: requires,

1. Math/ physics

2. Kiswahili/ Geography

3. Biology/Agriculture

Must be TSC registered.

For more information, Call 0721936853


Kitui SDA Primary And Secondary School



Looking for:

1. Kiswahili /Cre

2. Biology/chemistry


  • Have degree or diploma.
  • Have TSC number
  • A performer of good record.
  • A seventh day Adventist of good standing
  • A recommendation letter from church/pastor
  • A baptismal certificate

Applications to reach principal Kitui SDA not later than 23rd November 2018

P.O Box 702-90200 Kitui

Call the principal 0726330810


Nyambiri mixed secondary It requires BOM Teachers in the following combinations:

  • Chem/Bio
  • Hist/Cre or Kisw/hist or Kisw/Cre.

Must be TSC registered.

Deadline: before 25/12/18

For more information,  Call  0722623766
Kambi Ndeke Secondary School

(In Kithimani)

BOM teaching vacancies:

  • Maths /Chemistry
  • Maths/Business
  • English/Literature
  • Maths/Physics
For more information,  Call  0711468466
Kijana Wamalwa Memorial High School Teaching Vacancies:

  • Bio/Chem (1post)
  • Kisw/His or Geog (1post)


  • Diploma in Education or B.E.D
  • TSC registration.
  • KCSE mg C+ above
  • One year experience
P.O Box 1815-50200  Bungoma

For more information,  Call 0726780868


Kisau Education Center Available vacancies:

P1 and BEd -primary option teachers (3posts)

Deadline 28.11.2018

Applications may be mailed to :

The Director

Kisau Education Centre

Box 122-90101


Kumoni Secondary School

It is in Nyatike sub county, Migori county

BOM Teaching vacancies:

  • Maths/ physics /Chem/Bio.
  • Geog/………
The school is 300M from the shore of lake Victoria.

Call 0711992377

Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School Vacancies for TSC registered teachers:

  • French/ English
  • Kiswahili/History or Kiswahili/Cre
  • Maths/Chemistry
  • Agriculture/……….

Handwritten CV & testimonials to reach principal before 30th November 2018

P.O Box 182 karatina

For more information,  Call: 0720836570



Emitik Girls Secondary School

A public school in Kuresoi South

Available BOM Vacancies:

  • HOME SCIENCE /Bio or any other subject.
For more information,  Call 0720808444
Jomo Kenyatta Girls High School in Nakuru North Sub County Vacancies:

TSC registered teachers on BOM terms

  • Maths/ Physics
  • Bio/Chem
  • Kisw/ Hist
For more information,  Call Principal on 0722396502
Ramada Mixed Secondary school

Situated in Magarini Sub County

Teaching Vacancies:

  • Maths/Geo
  • Geog/B.Studies
  • Hist/CRE
  • Kisw/Hist
  • Chem/Bio

Condition: Must be TSC compliant.

For more information,  Call 0727529568