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Some of the articles written on the blog are:

The Darkest Hour,The Sequel

This one is written in series and Part 1,2,3 and 4 have already been written. The series introduces you to daily activities of Fletcher, his wife, his son Mike, Kimberly, Kamau and his associates. Read this series by clicking the link below:


Forest nemensis

Working on increasing forest cover of our nation is a difficult task as days go by due to cutting of trees to develop different projects and other personal uses such as fuel. This blog post briefly explains why we should put forest covers into consideration. Read more by clicking the link below:


Tiny Is New Hercules As Friends Would Have It

“As most would have it this 21st century, small things are the ones that matter most compared to the humongous stuff we got used to ages ago .From modifications of computers to chips we can hold with our hands to the small automobiles that run on electricity, this is a clear indication of how evolution of the tiny has grown 5to. So,what am trying to say is…”

Read more by clicking the link below:


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