There are a  good number of jobs that can be done online so long as there is a smartphone,computer and network coverage.Check them out below:


Owners of blogs get commissions when buyers get products and services from sellers through advert links put on their blogs.Blogging is a great online job that can be done anywhere and anytime so long as there is network coverage.However,for a blog owner to maximize advertising opportunities,original and unique content must be posted on the blog regularly.To start a blogging career and own your own blog create an account and get your domain here.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is currently a job in Kenya.Social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter and Instagram enable users with a large number of followers to use their accounts in marketing different products and services.The account owners are then paid some money according to the agreement between the account users and the party that needed advertisement services.The higher the number of followers the higher the earnings.

Web development and designing

Anyone with coding skills and knowledge does not require an office to do his/her work.This job can be done online by creating awareness to social media users.By doing so,a web development and designing expert can reach a larger audience.Payments for services is then done through Mpesa and bank transfer.

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Online shops

Many entrepreneurs are now shifting to online shops.Online shops have proved to be less costly to run and that is why many people are engaging in this entrepreneurship as a full-time job.Payments for products and services is also done through Mpesa then products are delivered at specified location of buyer.

Online writing

Writers with good writing skills have turned their passion into a full-time job.There are sites where writers can create accounts then submit articles.Article buyers are then able to select articles that they need then payment is made to the article owner through Paypal for international transactions and Mpesa for local transactions.Money paid for articles is according to the number of words written.


This is another online job for many youths all over the world.Anyone with capability of speaking fluently and entertain an audience can get income through vlogging. All that is needed is a good device that can take good clear videos.Many youths creating entertaining videos are uploading on YouTube channels.The YouTube channels with many subscriptions give a lot of advertisement revenue to the channel owners.

The examples above are just among the many more jobs that can be done online.They are jobs that one can be a boss without necessarily having to get instructions from someone else to get work done.