Developing best-selling applications; the likes of Uber among others can be a quagmire at times, though easy nowadays due to advanced technology.  You will need to lay on the table the idea of what exactly you want. Best-selling apps will need sharp and entrepreneurial minds to develop them.

As a programmer, you will need to think of a problem, and then look for a way of solving it through technology. You can then narrow down to developing an app for the same. Here are some of the factors to put in place so as to stand out tall among app developers:

Proper training is required
Getting necessary development is a must. By getting that knowledge, having a grasp on key concepts of data structuring, designing and programming will help you to be a great developer. There are web platforms that offer online courses in app development.

The platforms enable anyone with an interest in app development to get free app development classes and tutorials. An example of the leading providers of open online mobile app development courses is Coursera.

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Take a strong hold on fundamentals
The three concepts to be taken seriously are mobile user interface design and programming. Being able to code an interface is the first step of becoming an app developer. Ability to make logics and translate those algorithms into efficient codes is important. You should be familiar with Java, C++, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Come up with an idea
You have to look for a problem that people are facing in daily life and find out how your app can resolve that problem. You can look for apps already in the market and see if you can build a prototype.

Detail down your app idea on paper
This will help you understand how users will navigate your app and will also help you figure out the features of your app that will help you in building a good user interface design.

Collaborate with people that can help you
Developing an app cannot be done by a single person from the start to the end; this is why you should find people or a person that can help you to complete development of your application.

Testing the application
When the development part is over, the app must be tested. New applications always have a bug and this is why your app should be tested to see where the bugs are and fix them.