Eat many fruits

Fruits can be eaten anytime.It is good to eat fruits either after meals or before meals because not only are they nutritious but they are also good aids of digestion.Fruits such as oranges,bananas and mangos which are rich in fiber help in proper food digestion hence proper nutrients intake into the blood stream and in return you will be able to be healthy.

Drink a lot of water

Medical doctors recommend human beings to drink a minimum of 8 glasses per day.Water helps in excretion of wastes from the body.Harmful wastes such as excess sugar and excess salts are removed out of the body in form of sweat and that is made possible by presence of water in the body.


Eat warm food

Eating warm food can also make you saty healthy.Cold food is not good for your health especially if solid fat was used to cook it.The fat can accumulate in blood vessels and the alimentary canal and bring about dangerous diseases or even cause blockage in the alimenatary canal.

Perform exercises

You do not have to go to the gym to stay healthy.If you do not have time to go to the gym,you can do simple exercises such as rope skipping,press-ups,jogging and short distance races for you to saty fit and hence become healthy.Exercises make the body to have proper circulation of blood and make the heart to be in a good condition because through doing such exercises,the body releases excess fats out of the body.By doing such exercises you will stay healthy and avoid disorders such as high blood pressure and stroke.

Have enough sleep

A human being should sleep for a minimum of eight hours per day.This makes the body to function well and hence you will be able to stay healthy.